Publicado el October 24, 2017

The decision to search for an adopted child can be challenging, both emotionally and practically.  With my help, the birth mother from the ad above, has been searching for her child, and we have been making a concerted effort to place the information we have about the adoption in places where it can be found by the birth child, should he or she choose to initiate a reunion.  The birth mother has also done DNA testing with the top three companies, 23andme, Ancestry, and Family Tree DNA, hoping for a match.

This birth mother, has been wanting to fill a hole left in her life, from having to place her child for adoption almost 50 years ago.  While there are countless reasons why a woman would decide to make this decision, none of them are easy or obvious.  But, despite the need to make this choice, the heartbreak that comes with the decision to place a child, often doesn’t go away.

We continue to look for avenues to help find this child, who is now an adult, and who we hope wishes to reconnect with his or her birth mother.  If you have any information, please call or email me using contact information provided in the ad above.  All information will be treated with the experience and confidentiality of a private investigator who has successfully reunited thousands of birth families.