Publicado el October 3, 2017

Recently in the news there was an article about a professor of a financial accounting course in Maryland, who told students they could bring a 3 x 5 card, with as much information as they could cram on it, as an aid for their first test of the semester.  Without considering that someone would bring anything other than a 3 x 5 inch card, the professor was surprised to have a student bring in a 3 x 5 foot ‘crib sheet’.

Fortunately, the professor realized that he had not specified that the notes had to be on a 3 x 5 inch card and had the good humor and grace to allow the student to use the materials, stating that he was impressed that the student “had the intelligence to realize this shortcoming and the audacity to actually put this together and bring it in.”

While some say that the student took advantage of the professor’s lack of specificity regarding the size of the card, the student aptly said that his professor was always telling them to be mindful of details …

So what student would bring in a 3 x 5 poster to refer to during an exam?  In my opinion, a very intelligent one!  And, if he continued to do well in college, a person I would consider hiring in the future.

Like this accounting student, as a private investigator, I want to use all tools at my disposal – and think outside the notecard!  I have access to the largest databases of private and public information in the United States.  I utilize these resources, navigate through name changes and address changes, and locate people and information to get my client the answers they seek.  Of course, all of this is done while maintaining respect for all parties’ privacy, and at the highest ethical and professional standards.

If you are a private investigator, seek out the tools or referral sources you need to best serve clients, and always encourage clients to ask for references and check for online reviews.