Publicado el October 31, 2017

PI Cruises, Allen Investigations, and Allen Bail would like to say, HAPPY HALLOWEEN, and remind everyone to have a safe and treat filled day.

An investigation can be a trick or treat situation!

Many people hire a private investigator when they have questions that need to be answered, often with the answers that they are seeking.  As a private investigator, I sometimes need to remind my clients that as much as I am there for them, whatever the truth is, the truth is … and the answers may not be what they expected.

As a licensed private investigator and confidential intermediary, I have conducted thousands of post-adoption searches, and reunited thousands of birth families.  While many first family members are open to reunification, and have spent years hoping to be ‘found’, some are not ready to reconnect.  Unfortunately, sometimes the search begins too late, and a birth family member is already deceased.

In an investigation a professional private investigator will prepare their client for any eventuality, and proceed to work confidentially and effectively to answers their client’s questions.

While Halloween is supposed to be scary, at Allen Bail we know that being in jail can be scary too, but we are here to answer your questions and hopefully ease your fears.

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