CURIOUS? For $49, you can afford to be!

Publicado el November 7, 2017

Did you know that you are 99.9 percent genetically identical to every human being you meet?  It’s that .1 percent that makes you, you!  And aren’t you just a little bit curious to know what that special part of your genetic make-up is?

With DNA testing you can discover information about:

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, 23andMe is offering their ancestry testing kits for only $49!  If you’ve ever thought about joining the millions of others that have already tested, to discover more about yourself and your family, now is the time to order.  I encourage my clients, friends, and family to test all the time – and the price for kits has never been this low.

The more people that test, the more data the company has for their results.  Test data is based on an algorithm that compares everyone’s DNA that has tested within that company.  With millions of people testing with 23andMe, and hopefully millions more …  the algorithm has much more data to compare, and can give more accurate results to each customer.

The answers to your questions … is right there, in your genes.