LAST WILL & TESTAMENT – why you SHOULD have one!

Publicado el November 14, 2017

Most people have become aware that they should have a will – but what is a will, and how does it actually work?

Often called a last will and testament, a will allows for you to state your final wishes upon your passing.  The court, through the probate procedure, will make sure that your executor, or one appointed for you, will carry out these final wishes.

In your will you can:

In addition to your will, you may want to provide a list of your passwords to a trusted family member or friend, for anything that you do online, such as; banking, email, social media, or DNA testing results!

Why blog about wills?  Allen Investigations realizes the importance of having your final wishes carried out in the manner that you intended, and we are in the process of obtaining licensure to provide document preparation services, including wills and trusts.  More about trusts next week …