Publicado el November 28, 2017

There are many myths associated with private investigators, due in large part to the portrayal of PIs in popular culture.  While I do my best to speak with and educate potential clients about what services I can provide them, I am often shocked that so many attorneys are equally as unfamiliar with what we do, and how we can help them serve their clients.

Myth: Private Investigators all have a law enforcement background.

Truth: Private Investigators come from all different types of backgrounds, yes many, like myself, are former law enforcement investigators, but many private investigators come from backgrounds as varied as teachers, real estate agents, journalists, or private security. This diversity allows us to work together at times, from different perspectives, to do the best job possible for our clients.

Myth: All PIs offer the same services.

Truth: Private Investigators often specialize! While I offer a variety of services, and am professional and passionate about any case that I take on, I have reunited thousands of families through my post adoption services, and find this to be very rewarding. When hiring a private investigator discuss their background and specialty areas, they may be a great fit, but if not, see if they can refer you to an investigator that would be!

Myth: Don’t hire a private investigator that doesn’t guarantee their results.

Truth: A private investigator cannot guarantee results, and should fully inform you of this from the start. When a case is started, a private investigator may find the answers you are seeking, find a different fact pattern, or not be able to find the answer.  A private investigator can and should only guarantee that they will do the best job possible for their clients.

Myth: Private Investigators will use any means possible to get the job done … any.

Truth: Private Investigators, on the whole, work legally and ethically to obtain the information you are seeking, and won’t hesitate to tell you exactly how the information was obtained. Make sure that you are hiring a licensed, reputable investigator! They should be able to provide you with references/testimonials as to their professionalism and expertise.

Myth: Television and movies portray P.I.s accurately.

Truth: Private Investigators are often portrayed as unscrupulous sorts, that will do anything to get the job done. Most private investigators are intelligent people, who use specialized skills, knowledge, and resources, to serve our clients in the most efficient and effective manner possible, based on the clients needs and budget.

When you need the services of a private investigator, do your homework, find out who the best investigator is for your needs, and feel comfortable and confident that they will work hard for you. The best compliment a private investigator can get is a referral, our business is based on our reputation. Hire someone that will look out for your interests first and foremost, whether that be for yourself, or attorneys, for your clients.