Publicado el December 21, 2017
Private Investigators use their unbiased observation skills, surveillance, and investigative techniques, to gather accurate information about a subject or situation in question.  But, what if you don’t want someone to find out the truth … just yet!
One of the hardest truths that children often discover around the holidays is about Santa Claus.  Do you remember who told you that Santa wasn’t real?  Or did you wake up and wander into the living room to see your dad assembling a bike that Santa was going to give you in the morning, or maybe, eating Santa’s cookies and drinking his cocoa?
I have a friend whose young daughter came home in tears from junior high school one December day, saying that she just didn’t believe it.  Fearing that someone had talked to her daughter about sex, a frank talk about the facts of life was had. At the end of it her daughter said, “… so is Santa real or not?”  She was somewhat relieved that no one had filled her daughter’s head with nonsense and at least that discussion was out of the way, and that her daughter still believed, but then what to say about Santa? 
During the season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just take the time to reconnect with family and friends, we want to wish you the Happiest of Holidays.  Now is also the time to reflect on what the last 365 days have brought into our lives, and to wish everyone all the best in the new year.
Those of us at the office will be taking time at Christmas to be with our families, but the blog will resume in the new year.  I look forward to continuing to be the BUSY PI that I have been in 2017, to continue to build my bail bond business and to provide other busy private investigators the chance to vacation and learn at sea on PI Cruises.