Publicado el February 6, 2018

But what if your significant other doesn’t seem to be.  Isn’t it the month for romance, champagne and chocolates?  With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what are your plans; an intimate stay at home dinner with dessert to follow, a quiet weekend away for you and your paramour, or an exciting night out on the town?  If you suspect though, that the person you planned on buying a dozen roses for or a new watch is cheating, what should you do?

Many times, unfortunately much of the time, your suspicions are accurate.  While this is not a good position to be in, hoping that the situation will resolve itself, is not usually the solution.  If you suspect that your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend is cheating, what should you do?  Hiring a private investigator to discover the truth can be the best route to take.  A private investigator will use the latest technology, best surveillance tactics, and is not emotionally involved in the dynamics of the situation.

What are some signs that your significant other may be cheating?

All of the above scenarios could be a sign, and while they often are, maybe, by hiring a private detective, you’ll find out that they aren’t …  While proof of an affair may be what you are seeking at the outset, be open to the fact that there may another explanation for a significant other’s behavior.  After all, if it’s the truth you are looking for, the truth may help to bring you peace of mind in a way that you didn’t expect.

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Please Note:  While the majority of calls to a private investigator in regards to cheating do come from women, in the above examples ‘he’ was used to reflect proper grammar.