Publicado el July 26, 2018

I would like to share some information about the Cold Case Foundation and say that I am proud to be their newest team member.  There are many talented and highly trained members of the team with decades of experience at many levels of law enforcement and related fields.  The volunteers include former and current FBI agents, Crime Scene Investigators, police officers, forensics experts, coroners, professors, published authors, and recovery specialists. I can’t think of a better group of professionals to align my investigative and genetic genealogy experience with in the pursuit to solve cold cases.

According to the National Institute of Justice a cold case is, “any case whose probative investigative leads have been exhausted.”  This does not necessarily indicate an older case, if the investigation is not producing results in a few months, it may be considered a cold case.

As their mission statement lays out, the Cold Case Foundation is dedicated to being the “ultimate resource for homicide, missing person, unidentified bodies and rape/sexual assault cold cases with serial characteristics …”

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for 2015, there were an estimated 15,696 murders in the United States, while only 61.5 murder and nonnegligent manslaughter incidents were ‘cleared’.  So, what is meant by ‘cleared’?  The FBI’s definition of ‘cleared’ only means that either an arrest was made, or that a suspect was identified, but circumstances beyond law enforcement control prevented them from making an arrest.  ‘Cleared” DOES NOT mean that a conviction was obtained.

In 2015, 9,653 murders and nonnegligent manslaughter incidents were ‘cleared’, that also means that 6,043 were NOT.  That is a staggering statistic to consider!

Between helping law enforcement to solve cases and hopefully bringing much needed closure to victims and their families, the Cold Case Foundation provides an amazing resource.  If you have experience and skills that you think would augment the team in the pursuit of justice, click on the link below to visit their website.  I believe that as the Cold Case Foundation grows they will continue to become an even more positive force in accomplishing their mission.

Cold Case Foundation