You’ll never want to attend training
any other way!  

What’s included in the cruise cost? 

Each cruise has different options, but always include food, entertainment and relaxation.  Every cruise option will have the amenities listed.  Generally, food, beverages, entertainment and fun!

Cost for P.I. Training?  

There will be the opportunity for you to earn up to 12 Continuing Education Units (C.E.U.’s). It’s your choice, you can take as many or as few courses as you like of those offered. These courses are a separate fee from the cost of the cruise. Think of the cruise fees as your hotel, food and travel and you’ll find it’s much less than training offered on land.

How often are the cruise trainings offered?  

We will be offering three cruises a year and more as needs arise. Each year we will offer a West Coast, Gulf States, and East Coast cruise . We are also open to suggestions for locations and dates.

Can my family and friends also attend without taking the classes?

Of course! And we encourage it! It’s training for the student, networking opportunities to really get to know others in your field to build your network of referral sources and a vacation. Guests and family not attending the courses are only charged the ship fees and at a reduced rate.

Dress Code


Relax, you’re on vacation! Tropical attire is encouraged while on ship and in class, however there will be a formal dinner one night and photo opportunities so wear your best to impress. Hint… Great time to get new business profile pictures. Need more info, see cruise ship website for suggestions.

Tax advantage?


Yes! It’s no different than if you receive training anywhere else, your travel expenses, accommodations, food, and costs associated with the course may be tax deductible. ***Always consult with a professional tax advisor.

**  928-846-7208 office * 800-669-7008 fax